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Privacy Policy

Marine Toys for Tots Program

Donor Information

The Foundation maintains each donor's name, mailing address and the amount and date of the donation. If provided to the Foundation, telephone numbers, FAX numbers and email addresses are maintained as well. No other information about donors is collected or maintained.

The names of donors who contribute through the Foundation's direct mail program are used for donor renewal mailings as part of the annual direct mail campaign, and to forward thank you/tax letters. No donation history is made available to any party outside the Foundation.

Information regarding donors to the Foundation through the direct mail program is maintained and securely stored by Data Management , Inc. whose central computer facilities are secured at all times with access limited to computer operators. Data access through the web is secured by multiple hardware and software firewalls. Transmission of the data is via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) .

Information about donors who forward donations directly to the Foundation is maintained and securely stored by the Foundation. The Foundation has a server with multiple hardware and software firewalls. The server is also locked in a secure place with access limited to the Vice President for Operations.

Exchange of Donor Names and Addresses

The Foundation periodically provides the names and addresses of direct mail donors to other charities in exchange for an equal number of names and addresses of that charity's donors.

The Foundation makes exchanges of names only with organizations that have been recognized as tax-exempt public charities by the IRS.

The exchange of names and mailing addresses is part of the Foundation's annual direct mail acquisition campaign. Since our mission is to help underprivileged children and concurrently educate the public about our programs, it is necessary to raise funds to support these endeavors. The direct mail acquisition exchange process is an essential element of our program, enabling us to reach more supporters while at the same time keeping expenses as low as possible.

Donor Option Procedures

The Foundation screens all new acquisition lists for duplicates and incorrect addresses and matches all names against the Direct Marketing Association's pandering files. These steps identify individuals who do not want their names rented or exchanged or to receive any direct mail from any organization. We comply with such wishes and the names of these individuals are automatically suppressed.

We place an "Opt Out" procedure in our May and October donor mailings. Donors who select the "Opt Out" option are identified in our files and suppressed from future exchanges.

Website Visitors

No personal data of a visitor to the Foundation's website is collected. The Foundation maintains only a tabulation of the number of visits to the website.

If a visitor to the website makes a donation, the Foundation maintains a file of the name, address, amount and date of the donation. This information is used to provide thank you/tax letters and for any future communications with the donor. This information is not added to the Foundation's direct mail donor file and is not made available to any other organization. This donor information is maintained and securely stored by the Foundation.

To inquire about the Foundation's privacy policy, the security measures in place to protect personal information, or to submit a specific request not to share or release donor information, CLICK HERE to contact us.

Privacy Policy